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Best Practices for global lead forms that are CASL compliant

Question asked by f511b284cca3a3a65e633eb7278c268133030c26 on Jun 2, 2015
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Our organization has decided to try to market to Canadian leads after completely removing them from all our marketing activities in order to be CASL compliant a couple years ago. I understand what permission/opt-in requirements we need to follow to be in compliance, they are pretty clear.


My question is about trying to understand what best practices there are for integrating our marketing to Canada with our marketing to US leads which have less-stringent opt-in requirements. We don't want to turn away US leads with the more complicated opt-in processes tailored for Canada, but we also want to make sure we get opt-in permission.


If we modify our global forms to be compliant for CASL, does that affect form completions/opt-ins for US leads? Has anybody done a study on this or have results they would like to share?


Now that these regulations have been around for a couple years I am wondering how others have incorporated these regulations into their marketing efforts and what results have you seen? Any suggestions/examples/best practices/case studies are welcome and very much appreciated!