When marketing to consumers how should I think about email marketing

Discussion created by 6b251803a89899b5bc8c7709db4c78261ad820a5 Employee on Feb 3, 2015

Here are some 10 suggestions I learned from my own email campaigns. (My own non-Marketo email campaigns)

  1. Make it easy to subscribe: Have your sign up form on multiple websites and links on social networks (If you use Marketo, you can embed our HTML form into your sites which makes it easy to sign up)
  2. Subject Field: Have a strong call to action or copy that makes the user want to open the email. Don't be vague. Think about WIFT (what's in it for them!)
  3. First Paragraph: Be clear about what you are offering them. Kind of like a search results page, people often just look at the first few sentences
  4. Look n Feel: Make sure it looks like it is coming from your company, especially for emailing your installed base. You don't want the user to think twice asking themselves who wrote the email
  5. Simple language: The email should be written in a language (use the words) that your audience can understand or can relate to. When emailing an accountant, the copy should be different from emailing a Mom and Pop small business
  6. Make it scannable: Don't be shy about using bullet points and bolding certain words. Just don't go crazy with lots of call outs
  7. Think Mobile: Make sure your email is responsive and that people can read your newsletter on their mobile device
  8. Make it shareable: Make it easy to post on social networks or to forward to a friend
  9. Consistent Message and Story: Your emails are telling a story, so think about how they all work together over time vs. treathing them as one offs
  10. Don't SPAM: Make sure your programs are Opt-In and follow the rules of Seth Godin's Permission Marketing


Anybody else want to share their lessons learned?