How many apps do you have connected to your Marketo instance?

Poll created by 847ad753b5ee92b54091efdc6dc6514d6e4a30cd Champion on Aug 4, 2015

I am curious to learn to how many different applications you are using that are integrated in your Marketo instance.

The goal of this is to establish a benchmark since I believe this number will grow a lot in the future with Marketo being the real Marketing Central within a Marketing team.


Possible connections could be;

  • Your CRM-system
  • Webinar services
  • BI & Analytic solutions
  • Social media applications
  • Data enrichment applications
  • Web hosting applications (websites and blogs)
  • Your own software (trial environments)
  • Webhook's


Please count each integration separately.


Feel free to comment with some of the applications that you have integrations with so other can use that information when looking for new solutions.

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  • I dont have any integrations
  • 1-3 Integrations
  • 3-6 Integrations
  • 6-10 Integrations
  • 10 or more Integrations