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Multiple email clicks caused by anti spam filter

Question asked by 11feede3c49340e1a2db3cc8a59ca72dacc8e164 on Nov 17, 2016
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I've started noticing an increasing number of multiple 'clicked email' events within a minute or 2 of when an email is received and have been told by marketo support that this is a spam filter (possibly a new type of spam filter as I've not come across this until recently) as opposed to a person. So I'm now assuming that anyone who clicks multiple times on an email within a short period of time isn't actually a person, its a spam filter.


The thing is I have scoring set to increase by 10 points for someone who clicks on a link in a mail (they can only go through it once each time) but I need to exclude anyone who clicks multiple times.


As the only relevant constraint associated with 'Clicked link in email' is 'minimum number of times' I've got one scoring rule to increase the score by 10 if they click, then another scoring rule to reduce by 10 if they click 'a minimum of 2 times' within an hour.


Associated with this is that if they rise above a score of 50 (triggered by the score changing from less than 50 to more than 50) then they become an open lead. So if they go through the +10 rule and go over 50 they become an open lead, but if they then go through the second triggered campaign if they have clicked more than once (I'm assuming this is then a spam filter) they go through another rule to reduce their score by 10. But by this time, if they went over 50 points they have become an open lead & the sales person has been notified etc.


Is anyone else experiencing the same? How are you dealing with it? As the campaigns to reset the lead status are triggered, there isn't a way to set them to a certain time (midnight for instance) and therefore change the lead score back and forth from prospect to open lead and back to prospect when the sales guys are sleeping.


Any help much appreciated.