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False positive on email click affecting lead scoring

Question asked by 6281cbdb0ff2dee24c011b700d859e12d6c652b0 on Apr 20, 2016
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Hello people,


We are experiencing similar issue as this huge discussion Spam filters registering clicks? . However the situation is slightly different from what's reported there.


Today, after sending out an email, more than 20 leads were qualified as MQLs based on lead score they (or the spam filters) earned. In my case, they did not have "opened email" activity but have "clicked email" and "visited webpage".


I was thinking to tweak the global lead scoring for Click activity as


Clicked email is ANY

and, Opened email is ANY


then I realized that this filter may still add score for Click if someone opened Email A in person in the past and a spam filter clicked Email B that was sent out today.


Is there any way to set the trigger with Opened Email B and Clicked Email B in the global lead scoring smart campaign?