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Spam Clicking in Emails

Question asked by 12eb5b1c4e4f0e3a691db8f107c5da5709da2e87 on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

Hi all,


I had previously read a great discussion here: Spam filters registering clicks? about how spam filters are registering clicks in our prospect emails, but have yet to find a successful solution for our particular situation.


We have tried adding a "false link" to catch any filters that click through all our email links.  However it seems that most of the spam filters only click on our call to action that leads directly to our website, e.g. downloading a white paper or watching a video and not on the false link, which makes it difficult for us to separate legitimate leads versus these spam filters.


Additionally we can't pull in the "visits web page" filter either because these link clicks also follow through to the web page itself.


We are pretty positive that these leads are from spam filters because

1). They click the link in our email immediately after we send it out.

2). They have clicked on every email in the past few months exactly once.

3). The leads are generally from the same companies and exhibit the exact same behavior of when they open and click the email.

4). The few leads that our inside sales team has followed up on have no knowledge of clicking through our emails.



Has anyone had any success in coming up with an automated process to sort through true interacting leads and these spam filters? Right now it has been mostly a manual effort to isolate leads with suspicious behaviors (basically we're going by # of links clicked at the moment, which might unfairly exclude legitimate leads).


Thanks for your help.