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Removed 'Is Anonymous' filter - now alerts being sent that contain no information

Question asked by dan.stevens Champion on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by b314881cf2c6f34ff6c1ea07c3f07a199f877a57

We recently removed the 'Is Anonymous' filter from our smart campaigns.  These were mainly used to ensure only known leads can qualify in our lead lifecycle campaigns.  As a result, anonymous leads that reach our MQL threshold are now included in the MQL alerts that get sent to our sales and marketing teams.  Obviously these alerts contain no known user information - it's all blank.  I thought that anonymous leads weren't even referenceable anymore? How are we supposed to filter out these leads now that this filter is no longer supported?  As a band-aid approach, we could filter on "if name AND company are not empty", but I was hoping for a more solid/foolproof approach. 


Mike Reynolds