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Can Marketo user exist as a Salesforce Community Portal User?

Question asked by 7e758187bba79b94b595652ab312d57b5fb40be3 on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by 7e758187bba79b94b595652ab312d57b5fb40be3

Does anyone know if the Marketo user (in Salesforce) can exist as a Salesforce Community Portal User, but still be able to function with Salesforce Admins rights if the permissions are added in?


We are looking at our options for restructuring the Salesforce permissions, one of which places Marketo as an external user with all of the added admin permissions. Currently, Marketo is an internal user with the all of the permissions to read/write. The issue with this structure is that leads which are deleted from Marketo (kept in Salesforce) have been syncing back to Marketo because Marketo is not restricted. Changing record type permissions is not really an option for us because there are hundreds of implications in Salesforce that are based on record types.