Fall Q4 '17 Release

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The Fall Q4 ’17 Release is scheduled for Wednesday December 13, 2017, at 6:00PM PT.

This release includes the following innovations:



Marketo continues to invest in our platform to deliver on our commitment to providing the highest levels of availability, reliability, and performance.

Analytics Performance Improvements

Expanding our reporting infrastructure capacity has increased uptime and stability for an improved experience.

System Reliability

Ongoing investments in big data technologies have delivered stability and reliability improvements to help scale engagement.

SFDC Sync Performance
Faster sync speeds for our market-leading integration with Salesforce CRM helps sales teams stay one step ahead of the competition.


Achieve the highest levels of engagement with these top-requested email features:

Review Sample Emails by Segment

Easily see how your emails with dynamic content will look for each audience segment when sending a sample for review.
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Deliver in Recipient Time Zone

Create a consistent experience for recipients around the globe – and optimize email engagement – by choosing the local time that you want recipients to receive your emails.
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Engage the right contacts with enhancements that improve lead-to-account matching for ABM:

Show Accounts with No Contacts

Target your whitespace accounts with Marketo ABM, which now syncs and displays CRM accounts without contacts.

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Explore these two new ways you can personalize web campaigns to deepen engagement and drive conversions:

Tokens for Web Campaigns

Personalize your Web Campaigns using Tokens to insert the right content for a more engaging visitor experience.
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Design Studio Images in the Web Campaign Editor

Create a consistent cross-channel experience by leveraging Marketo’s centralized image and asset library – Design Studio – to quickly and easily populate your web campaigns.
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See which content is resonating with your ABM target accounts with this enhancement to ContentAI Analytics:

ABM Account List Filter in ContentAI Analytics

View and compare content performance and receive AI-powered content suggestions across ABM Account Lists so you can choose the best content to maximize return on your account-based marketing campaigns.
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Elevate your paid media results with new ways to gain insights into your audience:

LinkedIn Lead Gen Custom Questions

Better understand and optimize the customer journey by using custom lead attributes on your LinkedIn Lead Gen forms to capture the unique lead details you really want.
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We're delivering Sales Insight and ToutApp enhancements to help ensure your marketing approved messaging is reaching your customers:

Lock Sales Insight Templates

Standardize communications by controlling what your sales teams can edit on marketing-prepared templates.
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Tout Template
Categorize and share content so your reps can leverage consistent messaging in their sales process.


Marketo integration partners can now build more efficient, streamlined processes around Marketo emails with two new APIs:

Email Preview API

Preview Marketo emails in integrated third-party applications exactly as they will be sent by Marketo without having to create a separate previewer.
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Replace HTML API

Update blocks of HTML email content using partner applications to streamline activities like building emails outside Marketo, content localization and others.
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Other Announcements

API Field Updates – Since our Spring Q2 2017 release, activity records retrieved via Marketo’s SOAP or REST APIs now include a 128-character string type field called “marketoGUID”, and the field value matches the value of the “id” field. PLEASE BE ADVISED: Beginning with the Q2 2018 release, the “id” field may no longer be returned as part of these records, and the value of “marketoGUID” string field should be considered the unique ID for retrieved activities. More information may be found online.