Spring Q2 '17 Release

Version 19

    The Spring Q2 ’17 Release is scheduled for Wednesday, June 14, 2017, at 6:00PM PT.

    This release includes the following innovations:



    Increase conversions and more easily move your data to where it needs to be with these enhancements:

    LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Integration
    Capture people's information from LinkedIn mobile ad units and automate follow-up actions.

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    Expire MSI Template
    Schedule Sales Insight emails to be unpublished from your CRM and Outlook or Chrome plugin.

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    Bulk Extract APIs
    Easily transfer large amounts of lead and activity data from Marketo.
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    Engage and win more accounts with these enhancements that give sales greater visibility into target accounts and help you to extend your ABM capabilities with partner solutions:

    Account Insights

    Chrome plugin surfaces actionable ABM and account insights to your sales teams (Available with MR Release)
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    Custom Fields on Named Accounts

    Add and use custom fields on your Named Accounts to drive your marketing campaigns.
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    Percentile Scoring for Named Accounts

    See at a glance where each Named Account ranks among all of your Named Accounts.
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    Account List APIs

    Take advantage of rich and robust ABM partner integrations with enhanced API support for Account Lists.
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    Increase engagement on your website with these enhancements designed to give you even more ways to present personalized content to web visitors:

    Web Campaign Scroll
    Dialog campaigns can be displayed when the visitor scrolls on your website.

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    Web Campaign Upon Exit Intent

    Dialog campaigns can be displayed if there are signs of the visitor leaving your website.
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    Animation effects for Web Campaigns

    Select animation style, timing and duration for how and when Dialog campaigns appear and disappear.
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    Dialog Close Button Customization

    Change the style, color and position of close buttons for Dialog Campaigns.
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    Archive Web Campaigns

    You no longer have to delete older Web Campaigns to clean up your Campaign view.
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    French and Portuguese languages now supported.
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    Give prospects and customers the content they want automatically:


    French and Portuguese languages now supported.
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    Other Announcements

    Legacy Text Editor Retirement & Form Editor 1.0 Deprecation

    Beginning August 1st, 2017, our legacy text editor will be retired and you’ll now use our New Rich Text Editor for a more modern experience with even more capabilities when editing text in Marketo. Also at this time, we’re deprecating the Form Editor 1.0, making Form Editor 2.0 with its improved WYSIWYG editor, ability to create draft forms, and more, the way you’ll create all new forms in Marketo. More information>>