Adding Custom Marketo Fields to Salesforce

Version 11

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    Marketo uses a set of fields to capture certain kinds of marketing related information. If you would like this data in Salesforce, please follow the instructions below.

    1. Create three custom fields in Salesforce on the lead and contact objects: Lead Score, Acquisition Program, and Acquisition Date.

    2. Map these custom fields between leads and contacts so that on conversion in Salesforce, the values carry over.

    3. You can create other additional fields, if necessary (see the table below).

    All of these custom fields are optional and are not required to sync Marketo and Salesforce. As a best practice, we recommend that you do create fields for Lead Score, Acquisition Program, and Acquisition Date.



    Add Marketo Fields to Salesforce

    Add three custom fields on the lead and contact objects in Salesforce listed above. If you want to add more, see the table of available fields at the end of this section.

    Perform the following steps for each of the three custom fields to add them. Start with Lead Score.

    1. Log into Salesforce and click Setup.

    image2016-5-23 13-15-21 (1).png


    2. In the Build menu on the left, click Customize and select Leads. Click Fields.

    image2016-5-23 13-20-5.png


    3. Click New in the Custom Fields & Relationships section at the bottom of the page.

    image2016-5-26 14-41-40.png


    4. Choose the appropriate field type (for Lead Score — number; Acquisition Program — text; Acquisition Date — Date/Time).

    Choose Field Type 2_hand.png



    5. Click Next.

    image2016-5-26 14-51-14.png



    6. Enter the Field Label, Length, and Field Name for the field, as shown in the table below.

    Field Label



    Field Name



    Data Type



    Field Attributes


    Lead Scoremkto71_Lead_ScoreNumberLength 10
    Decimal Places 0
    Acquisition Datemkto71_Acquisition_DateDate/Time
    Acquisition Programmkto71_Acquisition_ProgramTextLength 255

    API names must be exact match.PNG

    image2016-5-26 14-55-33.png


    7. Click Next.

    image2016-5-23 14-50-5.png


    8. Specify the access settings and click Next:

    • Set all profiles to Visible and "Read-Only".
    • Uncheck "Read Only" for the profile of your sync user.
    • Often customers have a user with the profile of a System Administrator as the sync user. If that's the case with you, then uncheck “Read Only” for the System Administrator profile as shown in the picture below.

    • If you have created a custom profile for the sync user, then uncheck "Read-Only" for that custom profile

    Field Level Security for Sync User Profile.png


    SFDC PE fields.PNG


    SFDC PE Access to API.PNG



    9. Choose the page layouts that should display the field.

    image2016-5-26 15-14-45.png


    10. Click Save & New to go back and create each of the other two custom fields. Click Save when you're done with all three.

    image2016-5-23 15-8-43.png



    11. In the Build menu on the left, click Customize and select Contacts. Click Fields.

    12. Perform steps 3 through 10 for the Lead Score, Acquisition Date, and Acquisition Program fields on the contact object, just as you did for the lead object.

    13. Optionally, use the above procedure for any additional custom fields from this table.

         NOTE: These fields are additional optional fields you may choose to add as well. The Lead Score, Acquisition Date and Acquisition Program fields      are detailed above

    Field Label



    Field Name



    Data Type



    Field Attributes


    Acquisition Program Idmkto71_Acquisition_Program_IdNumberLength 18
    Decimal Places 0
    Original Referrermkto71_Original_ReferrerTextLength 255
    Original Search Enginemkto71_Original_Search_EngineTextLength 255
    Original Search Phrasemkto71_Original_Search_PhraseTextLength 255
    Original Source Infomkto71_Original_Source_InfoTextLength 255
    Original Source Typemkto71_Original_Source_TypeTextLength 255
    Inferred Citymkto71_Inferred_CityTextLength 255
    Inferred Companymkto71_Inferred_CompanyTextLength 255
    Inferred Countrymkto71_Inferred_CountryTextLength 255
    Inferred Metropolitan Areamkto71_Inferred_Metropolitan_AreaTextLength 255
    Inferred Phone Area Codemkto71_Inferred_Phone_Area_CodeTextLength 255
    Inferred Postal Codemkto71_Inferred_Postal_CodeTextLength 255
    Inferred State Regionmkto71_Inferred_State_RegionTextLength 255



    Map Custom Fields for Conversions

    A custom field on the lead object in Salesforce should be mapped to a contact field on the contact object so that data is carried over when a conversion occurs. 

    1. In the top right corner, click Setup.

    image2016-5-26 16-34-0.png


    2. Type "Fields" into the Nav Search without pressing Enter. Fields appears under different objects; Click Fields under Leads.

    image2016-5-26 16-36-32.png



    3. Go to the Lead Custom Fields & Relationships section and click Map Lead Fields.

    image2016-5-26 16-39-29.png

    4. Click the drop-down next to the field you want to map.

    image2016-5-26 16-49-53.png


    5. Select the corresponding contact custom field.

    image2016-5-26 16-56-23.png


    6. Repeat the above steps for any other fields you've created.

    7. Click Save when you're done.


    Here's a video of the entire process that should make it easy to follow along: Salesforce Connector Setup