Web Personalization (RTP) - ISPs showing up in Organizations page

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Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, are companies that provide access to the Internet such as Comcast or AT&T. A visitor to your site might appear as an ISP because they are connected through a public network which is not affiliated with an organization. RTP relies on reverse IP lookup to retrieve information about your web visitors. If a visitor is connected through a public ISP, the network information provided gives very little information. RTP can't accurately provide information about the visitor if none is supplied, so it's important for RTP to be able to differentiate ISP visits from non-ISP visits. While RTP is pretty good at identifying ISPs, occasionally one will make it onto your Organizations page.




If RTP makes a mistake and doesn't identify an ISP, it will end up on you Organizations page. If you notice an ISP in your Organizations page, you can mark it as such by selecting the organization in question, clicking the Choose Action drop-down menu, and selecting Set as ISP


RTP - Set as ISP.png


Doing this will mark that organization as an ISP, and will help RTP learn to better identify ISPs in the future.