Web Personalization (RTP) - Named Accounts Calibration Issue

Version 5


    After uploading a Named Accounts list, you will come across a message which reads, "Calibrating based on customer journey". This is expected behavior, and is due to Marketo's Account Based Marketing (ABM) calibration.





    Calibration Period

    RTP takes 15 days to calibrate data and model the ABM customer journey. This 15-day period starts when Marketo records the first visitor who matches one of the Named Accounts on the list. The 15 days is a hard requirement and cannot be changed or expedited. Because of this, it is best to upload your Named Account lists as early as possible in your Marketo implementation.


    Once the 15 days has passed, the message should not be showing. If you are still seeing this message more than 15 days after the first visit from a lead on a Named Account, please contact Marketo Support.