Web Personalization (RTP) - Tracking Clicks on Recommendation Engine Content

Version 10

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    Tracking Clicks


    In order to better track how many people are clicking the content in the Recommendation Engine, you may wish to create a segment called "Recommended Assets" and include "*rcmd*" in the Specific Pages parameter.


         Go to the Segments page


    RTP - Go to segments.png


         Create a new segment


    RTP - Create new campagin.png


         Drag the Include Pages field into the editor and include *rcmd*


    RTP - Include rcmd.PNG


    Recommended content will have "rcmd" in the URL. With this filter, the segment will only include website visits with "rcmd" somewhere in the URL, meaning it will include all visits to recommended pages.


    Potential Issues


    Segment Matches Few or No Visitors

    After making this change, you may see that the segment doesn't match anything or only shows a few visitors.  In that case, verify that your Asset Discovery is working


    Segment Numbers Don't Match Google Analytics

    The numbers you see in the segment may not match the numbers you see in Google Analytics. Unlike Google Analytics, RTP segments count the number of visitors that matched the defined parameters, whereas the 'Site Content' report in GA counts the number of times the pages were viewed by visitors.  This means that if the same visitor clicks on more than one piece of recommended content, in RTP only one segment match will be recorded whereas GA will record 2 page views.