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Mass marketing to engagement marketing is required (translated)

Advertimes (Japan)

This article resulted from an interview our Japan team secured for Phil. In the piece, Phil highlihgts that the expansion of digital has changed the relationship with customers and introduces the concept of "Engagement Marketing."


Visa Inc. Appoints Lynne Biggar as Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Press Release

Marketo board member Lynne Biggar will join the company as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, effective February 1. She will also serve as a member of the company’s Executive Committee and Operating Committee. Ms. Biggar joins Visa from Time Inc. where she was the Executive Vice President, Consumer Marketing & Revenue.


Digital Marketing’s New Future, According to Marketo’s CMO


Sanjay’s “Ask the CMO” Q&A was picked up by MSN video.


What Does Your Desk Say About You? The State Of Your Workspace Might Reveal More Than You Think — INFOGRAPHIC


Additional pick-up of the Marketo-generated infographic.



How a small design tweak got millions more people to use one of Facebook's products

Business Insider

Facebook has long been the social login leader, according to Gigya data, but the company recently made a small design tweak that hugely boosted its number of new logins. Facebook’s Deb Liu, VP of Platform, says that simplifying permissions, changing the look and feel of login dialogs, and advances on the review side led to a "significantly improved" click-through-rate for logins last year.


Facebook gives brands more ways to convince you to sign up for news


Facebook’s lead ads are getting an update. The company announced that several changes are coming to the ad format that lets people easily sign up for more information around a specific campaign. Starting today, advertisers can tweak their ads so that they’re more contextual, both with a new information card and images, thanks to the new carousel format. Marketo is listed as a key partner.


How marketers are using Facebook's direct messaging apps

Marketing Dive

Even though Facebook Messenger and Facebook--owned WhatsApp don’t allow for third-party advertising, brands are making use of the direct-message apps for marketing.


Interview with Alicianne Rand, VP Marketing - NewsCred

MarTech Advisor

This Marketo partner highlights Marketo as a key component of its news stack, saying that its connection with Salesforce CRM has given NewsCred the ability to understand exactly what content is influencing prospects, customer upsells, and revenue. The company’s end goal (today and going into 2016) is to produce more of the stuff that works -- not just the content that drives top-line growth, but also content that helps them close deals.


#FlipMyFunnel #ABM Innovators: Featured Speaker Q&A with Adam New-Waterson

Customer Think

LeanData’s CMO – who spoke at RKO – spotlights Marketo as one of the primary tools that has helped the company implement and execute ABM.



12 questions to ask marketing automation vendors (before you buy)


This widely syndicated piece (first appeared on recommends what you should ask vendors when building your marketing technology stack.


CES 2016 Ends with Critical Takeaways for the Marketing and Ad Tech Sectors

MarTech Advisor

The Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES, has offered some major insights about the future of marketing and advertising technology. With more than 170,000 attendees from various industries, the event brought forth some ground-breaking innovations in IoT, computing technologies, programmatic advertising, virtual reality, and more.


Brave: New Ad Blocking Browser Promises More Privacy & Faster Page Loading

Marketing Land

Brave speeds up page loading by blocking ads and tracking technologies: cookies, pixels, fingerprinting and scripts.  It will have ads, just not those that “target ads based on browser-side intent signals phrased in a standard vocabulary, and without a persistent user ID or highly re-identifiable cookie.” In this way, Brave seeks to strike a balance between publishers, marketers and privacy.


Predictive analytics drives almost 3 times B2B revenue growth: Study

Marketing Dive

In a new study,  78% of respondents reporting marketing's role has expanded from demand generation to also include deal acceleration.


10 trends in B2B marketing - In with the old, out with the new?

The Drum

The evolving B2B marketing trends reveal that tried and true strategies like email campaigns are back in vogue while the term ‘digital advertising’ is outdated. With content marketing, marketing automation, paid amplification and mobile optimization seen as emerging trends, ad blocking and BOT- fraud will increasingly pose challenges to B2B marketers. Here are ten B2B marketing trends to be on the look out for.


Adware shunned from online advertisers’ leadership bash


Adware, the online advertising blocking company, says that it has been uninvited from an advertising industry confab after the Interactive Advertising Bureau withdrew its approval for Adware to attend the Annual Leadership bash in California this weekend.


Why Cross-Device Programmatic Advertising Is Ready to Take Off in 2016

Ad Week

Consumers increasingly get their content across smartphones, laptops and desktops, so brands are eager to run campaigns that reach consumers on every one of those screens. With technology catching up to demand, marketers are predicting that 2016 will be cross-device programmatic's great leap forward. The era of targeting only to a particular device appears to be on the way out.


Medical publishers eye new ad viewability rules

Medical Marketing & Media

A group of medical publishers will attempt to develop a new industry standard for digital advertising viewability, a much debated topic that has vexed the broader advertising industry. Viewability—how long is long enough for a user to have viewed a digital ad successfully—has cropped up in recent years as one of the more challenging media issues, and one that needs to be addressed as the business of digital advertising matures. In healthcare, experts say, it's no different.


Building the marketing technology stack


This piece from Diginomica urges marketers to focus on the customer, use data effectively, and produce content that will actually move the needle.


Ad tech M&A continues to rise as investors continue to pummel stock prices

The Drum

Ad tech acquisitions surged between Q3 and Q4 last year, with such providers accounting for almost a third of all M&A deals in all of the ad tech/martech sector during the final quarter of last year, according to a study from Results International.


Intent-driven marketing: how hard is it really?


Massive amounts of intent data are available to marketers, and now is the time to lean on this information to improve business outcomes. This piece explores type of experience can consumers can expect from intent-driven marketing.


Which Brands Are Creating the Future of Digital Marketing?

Content Standard

At CES 2016 earlier this month, one of the big storylines among leading enterprises was the aggressive efforts to invest in artificial intelligence. Those efforts have been characterized as an innovative move, yet also something of a gamble, since the exact uses and value of AI remain unclear. But marketers are certain AI has a place in digital marketing‘s future, and those forward-thinking experts see plenty of value in the AI infrastructures those brands are looking to build.


Deutsch Vets Open Creative Agency With Investment Arm

Advertising Age

Adland vets Mike Duda and Brent Vartan have opened an agency called Bullish Inc. and they want to have skin in the game with every client. Within the agency, which will focus on brand strategy and creative execution, each account will operate on a pay-for-performance compensation model. For some clients, that could mean a bonus based on meeting key performance indicators, such as sales, brand shift and advocacy. For others, it may mean a return on taking equity in the client's business.


Snapchat's the most popular social platform for new ad campaigns: Study

Marketing Dive

According to eMarketer, a Cowen and Company survey of senior U.S. ad buyers on what social media platform they expected to begin advertising on in 2016 for the first time shows Snapchat led the list at 22%, trailed significantly by Instagram and Pinterest at 12%. In research from last September, RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age found that Instagram was the leading social media platform for interest in allocating ad budgets this year at 72%. That survey had Snapchat in third place at 36%.



Press Release

Openprise, a data automation SaaS company, issued its inaugural 2016 MarTech Data Report today. Based on an online survey that gathered insights from more than 400 U.S. sales and marketing professionals, the report examines trends in data management and marketing automation, as well as 2016 MarTech priorities and challenges.


How Data-Enhanced Storytelling Is Rapidly Reshaping Both Content and Advertising

Ad Week

In its inaugural gathering Thursday, Digital Storytelling, a newly sanctioned event of the Sundance Film Festival, ambitiously set out to better link brand marketers with digital content creators as well as discuss how return on investment on that content will grow and evolve beyond interruptive advertising models.