Expert/People Locator (Changes made)

Version 2

    Our new Expert People Locator is now in beta.


    Since this is a new feature, we are relying on your feedback to make it more useful for the whole community. Below is an update on the changes you requested and how we addressed them.


    - Your Marketing Nation Team.


    Member CommentMarketo Response
    The company a person works for may not be their physical address, and people change companies. Should the locator factor in home addresses?Due to privacy issues, we decided not to list a person's home address
    Allow me to use abbreviations (sf opposed to san francisco)Updated and should work now
    Also, for metro areas like NYC it would be nice to be able to sort by name instead of (I think) just points earned in the community.Need to look into this. State abbreviations should work. Need to test if it works for a city.
    Also, how are the expertise things identified? For some reason I don't have any under my name, while some people who haven't added any skills and expertise in their profile have many things under their name.You can update on your profile page (We rely on you to be honest about your area of expertise)
    I can't find myself- but I did pass the Certified User Exam - honestly!There is a slight delay in getting this data in the Expert Locator. It was last updated on 12/5
    Can you add Canadian Provinces (abbreviations)Done