Industry News: Week of 6/15

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Mobile In Mind: Thoughts on the Present and Future of Mobile Marketing


Across all industries, brands are spending more time on researching and implementing mobile marketing strategies. From mobile advertising and mobile wallets to mobile sales mechanisms and reward-based mobile advertising, executives are realizing the current benefits and planning for the future opportunities mobile has in store. Interestingly, researchers have estimated that consumers interact with their mobile devices over 100 times a day. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine at what point during these interactions is the consumer most likely to engage with mobile advertising.


Internet of Things Data Could Fuel Ad Targeting

Ad Age

IOT has promised to turn people’s everyday interactions with everyday items into data for logistical and marketing applications. The industry is approaching the next stage of connected appliances and food packaging. This means marketers need to figure out where all this information will go and how it will be used.


Marketers Should Use Data to Build Trust with Customers, Says Report by EY and Forbes Insights


Customers have more information available than ever before to assist them in their buying decisions, and winning customer loyalty has become an increasing challenge for companies. Less than a third of CMOs and marketing executives fully understand where trust is eroded. In fact, 51 percent of executives believe that there is a significant opportunity in the use of analytics for customer insight and in expanding the use of external data sources. However, only 37% say they have the capability to use analytics to tailor communications and outreach to the customer. This is a low number considering that many marketing executives see personalization as the next big trend in marketing.


Age of the Data-Devoted Marketer

Information Age

Big data is disrupting the way marketers understand and interact with their audience. However, while analytics will help to identify targets, and understand customers, it must never be at the expense of creativity. This means having the ability to act intuitively and not necessarily because it’s laser-targeted at a key audience. The article highlights that in order to be successful today, marketers must wear many different hats. This means that they are analytical and data-driven, while having a strong grasp of brand, storytelling and experiential marketing.