Changed Jobs?

Version 18

    Have you moved to a new company but you want to keep all of your profile info, activity, content, and rewards and points? Great, we can help.


    Please fill out this form as soon as you get your new community account / new email so we can swap your information.


    Important: DO NOT CREATE ANY CONTENT ON YOUR NEW ACCOUNT before we've completed the information swap. Any content you create in the new profile will be lost if you decide you want to swap profiles AFTER the fact.




    Please note that we can only SWAP account information from one profile to another. We cannot merge points or profile information from multiple profiles to one profile. So in this cases, we recommend you give us the email associated with the account with the information you'd like to retain, and ask that we swap it with the account you'd like to use going forward.


    We will notify you when the process is complete. If you have questions regarding this process, please feel free to post in Community Help and Feedback.