Marketo Financial Management Release Notes 05/14/14

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New Features:


Audit Trail - An enterprise-class feature that gives organizations full visibility into user activity.

  • Chronological activity log viewable at each level of the hierarchy (from the home tab hierarchy to the detailed line item level).
  • Search, filter, sort, and export detailed audit data.
  • 90-day historical view (with the ability to request data past this period).
  • Access via the >> arrows at any level of the Home or Budget tab hierarchy.
  • Available to Owners and Admins only.

  Advanced Searchable Drop-downs - Making our product easier to use for end users. 

  • No more scrolling through large lists! Just type to filter the list to your desired value and hit enter.



  Improved Import Budget Feedback for Multi-Select Fields - error messages now include the: 

  • Exact row and column where the data needs to be adjusted.
  • Exact issue with the data.

   ***For budget imports with multi-select fields only.  

HTML User interface Update -  The Details, Roll-up and Budget Panels as well as Import Schedules have been transitioned to HTML5. The new HTML panels include the following usability enhancements:

  • Navigation -  The ability to tab through fields and select values using your keyboard.
  • Saving -  Faster and less intrusive saving (with a saving.../saved notification giving you immediate feedback).
  • Layout - See everything in view-only mode first for a cleaner interface. Identify what cells are editable with a pencil icon on hover and a single click to edit.