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    Marketo Infrastructure, Security, and Privacy

    Version 3

      Here's a quick review of the Marketo's infrastructure, security, and privacy.


      Robust, Always-on Infrastructure:


      • Marketo's modern "horizontal scaling" architecture ensures both high scalability, high performance and high availability.
      • Marketo uses a well-regarded hosting company that specializes in Software-as-a-Service offerings to provision our deployment servers.
      • Failover support is enabled by distributing the application across multiple physical computers sitting behind a load balancer, with the databases on their own computers as well, and firewalls between the load balancer and app server cluster and the app server cluster and database cluster.
      • Our horizontal architecture puts our processing across a cluster of "blades" which share the user workload and allow us to increase capacity on demand by adding additional blades to the cluster.
      • Marketo is built and operated on open source software, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP, the Symphony framework and the jQuery and ExtJS JavaScript libraries.


        Here's a diagram of the Marketo system architecture. 


      Data Security and Compliance Practices


      Marketo's service is hosted at Rackspace, a leading software hosting company. Rackspace is a certified facility for international standards of SAS70 Type II and Safe Harbor requirements. Through the use of these highly secure and redundant systems, Marketo and Rackspace provide top level encryption and multiple layers of security to protect your data.


      We are happy to provide further details about our data security and compliance certifications on request.  In summary, our data security and compliance practices are fully in line with industry standards and best practices of IT departments.


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