Marketo is unable to sync to the new field name and type after it was changed in Salesforce

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You created a new custom field in Salesforce and see that Marketo synced to it successfully the first time. You later decide to change the name and/or type in Salesforce.  After making the change, you checked Marketo to confirm the change, but can no longer find the custom field; or, you find that the field name and type did not change.


Once a new field name and type is picked up by Marketo during the first sync, Marketo keeps the original properties.  A manual change is required in Marketo in order to properly sync to the right field/type.


Please access the article, Field Management, on how to change a field name manually.

Please access the article, So you’ve been given access to the extra field management options, on how to change a field type manually.