Understand How Marketo Archives Inactive Anonymous Leads

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Marketo is taking steps to speed up performance for your account. The most dramatic effects will be seen for long-time Marketo customers (more than a year) and customers with high-traffic websites.

Marketo will automatically clean up certain data items after they have been in your account for 90 days:

  • Inactive anonymous leads
  • Some activity log entries.

Removing these items significantly reduces the volume of data that reports and Smart Lists have to run through, which makes them run faster. See below for details on what’s removed.


For large accounts, the updating process can take time, so it’s possible to have a few days of extra information beyond the 90-day limit.

Inactive Anonymous Leads

Anonymous leads that have had no web activity in the past 90 days are automatically removed by Marketo. These anonymous leads are unlikely to return to your site with the same cookie. The visitor is likely to have switched browsers or cleared their cookies; you may already have the same visitor as a new, active anonymous lead or known lead.


Activity Log Entries
There are several activities that Marketo software logs which are useful for trigger campaigns, but generally aren’t very meaningful once a few days have passed. After 90 days Marketo will automatically archive these activities:

  1. Add to List
  2. Change score
  3. Change data value – except changes to the Lead Owner and the Company Name fields
  4. Visit webpage
  5. Click link on webpage
  6. Sync lead to SFDC
  7. Sync Lead Updates to SFDC
  8. Update Opportunity
  9. Request Campaign

Once archived, the activity will still be visible on the Activity Log tab on the individual lead, but it will not be visible in Smart Lists or Reports.

Other Data

Marketo does not remove known leads, other activity log entries, nor campaign or Program membership.


Reports and Smart Lists on Archived Activities

You will no longer be able to report on activity log entries once they have been archived. For example, you cannot run a “Has Changed Data Value” filter on a field to find out old values more than 90 days into the past. Similarly, you will not be able to run the Web Activity report for longer than the past 90 days. However, you will still be able to view an individual lead and see their full history.