Introducing Email Deliverability

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Marketo offers email deliverability services. Marketo's email deliverability partner is IBM Email Deliverability.

Your reputation as an email sender is a strong concern for the viability of your marketing programs. Your emailings will lead you to develop two different kinds of reputation: a reputation among automatic tools that monitor email, and a reputation among the people you send email to. It can be all too easy to get a poor reputation, in either domain or both, and time-consuming and expensive to overcome it. Marketo Email Deliverability will help you maintain a sterling reputation, and to address any problems that do arise.

This Tutorial gives a brief introduction to the service for Marketo users. Detailed documentation is provided within the service itself.


Note. If you are interested in learning more about Email Deliverability services as an upgrade to your Marketo software package, contact Marketo Sales.


About This Tutorial


This Tutorial covers setting up with Marketo Email Deliverability, billing, and the three main areas of the software:

  1. Introduction. This article
  2. Setting Up Marketo Email Deliverability
  3. Billing Events for Email Deliverability
  4. Using eDesign Optimizer
  5. Using eDelivery Tracker
  6. Using eContent Score

For information about updating your seed list, see the article, Update the Deliverability Seed List.


Email may be the most popular marketing tool in use today. Marketing campaigns can be entirely made up of emails; in other cases, emails support marketing campaigns centered around a conference, a Webinar, or some other event.

Your ability to have emails reach the intended recipients; to be legible to them; and to be acted on by them can be degraded by a number of concerns. Marketo works ******* email deliverability, and you can address a number of these concerns from within Marketo software. Marketo Email Deliverability is a power tool that lets you dive quite deeply into all the potential issues, to help make your emails as effective as possible.

The services that you’ll use day to day are in eDesign Optimizer and eDelivery Tracker; eContent Score adds detailed analytics for message content:

  • eDesign Optimizer. eDesign Optimizer analyses the content of your email for “spamminess” and helps you fix problems. It shows you how your email will look on a very wide variety of clients, including mobile clients, and lets you test links as well.


  • eDelivery Tracker. eDelivery Tracker helps you test the deliverability of your email by sending it to a seed list. This generates deliverability reports that let you know how well your sending infrastructure, content, and reputation combine to support a high deliverability rate. You can fix problems and re-test before sending email to more prospects.


  • eContent Score. eContent Score has advanced diagnostics for email content. eContent Score does detailed analysis to let you know the probability that your email will be blocked, based on its content.  Keeping all your emails in the safe zone will help you keep your reputation score high.


Most of the information you get from Marketo Email Deliverability is input to your use of Design Studio, where you’ll revise your emails.

Tip: Both the eDesign Optimizer and the eDelivery Tracker functions assign scores to your emails. These scores are very different – they have different ranges and directionality. A high percentage of delivery – close to 100% delivery – is good for the eDelivery Tracker, whereas the eDesign Optimizer result is a “spamminess” score – lower is better, and less than 2.0 is best.  eContent Score, which you’re likely to use less frequently, uses a third scoring system: 100 is negative, whereas 0 is positive. See the relevant articles for specifics.


Marketo Email Deliverability includes a number of tools that support a multi-person team in working on different aspects of your email campaigns. For instance, the Link & Image Validator (see the eDesign Optimizer article) allows you to make notes about specific links and images that might not work as expected. Plan out in advance how different people working on emails will interact to improve email quality, meet deadlines, and share what you learn. You may wish to assign the responsibility for incurring billing Events to one or a few people, for cost control purposes.

Additional Resources for Marketo Email Deliverability

In addition to this Tutorial, there are several useful resources to help you be successful in using Marketo Email Deliverability:


  • Email Deliverability Help. The Marketo Email Deliverability service has extensive in-product help. Some help is provided in the product’s screens, and there is a great deal more information available in the product’s Help function.


  • Email Deliverability Training. IBM offers training for their email deliverability services, ranging from new user training to certification. Check the home page of your Email Deliverability service for more information.


  • Marketo support. Marketo provides first-level support for Marketo users using the Marketo Email Deliverability service, via the normal support channels.