Marketo Bug Fixes

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Fixes released for October 2014


Issue KeyIssue Summary
LM-49492Apostrophe Translation error in calendar entries
LM-49223Behavior in text tokens
LM-49111LM-48255 - Timezone showing incorrectly in 'Preparing to Run' field of schedule tab
LM-49045mkt_tok causing double && in links with parameters
LM-48775UI : Opportunity Text overlapping in Analyzer
LM-48543Forms 2.0 on IE browsers - required fields pop up tool tip unexpectedly
LM-47779web page constraint on filled out form filter is ignored if value is invalid.
LM-47312LM-41575 Program analyzer : Program names do not appear when a non-English language is chosen
LM-44272unable to clone landing pages from landing page list in Design Studio

Fixes released for September 2014

Issue KeyIssue Summary
LM-47761Form 2.0 field uneditable and UI issue
LM-47561Visibility rules for field A do not include custom field B unless field B has a label
LM-47559analytics email performance report showing first and last activity dates in the future 2015 & 2016 for AUS settings
LM-47354Smart list is not pulling specifically from customer site
LM-47318LM-41574 Program analyzer : Program Parameters not Localized
LM-47304LM-41574 - SFDC Flow action details have not been translated to French
LM-47034Form Checkbox CSS not applied to all Checkboxes
LM-46331LM-43388 - Bandaid error in My Marketo after a favorite asset is deleted
LM-37664List import modal randomly changes names
LM-36239Cannot view entire Email list in record's in MSI Email tab

Fixes released for August 2014

Issue KeyIssue Summary
LM-45737Error exporting campaign information
LM-45730SSO Sent Password emails
LM-45262Fast Import not updating 'Updated" time stamp, also CDV from NULL to ""
LM-45119Form 2.0 visibility rules field list
LM-42953Subject line test email as a single flow action processes 0 leads

Fixes released for July 2014

Issue KeyIssue Summary
LM-46157Schedule Cleanup Effected Campaign Display
LM-45531Unable to change name on a report
LM-44976Forms 2.0 stuck on "Please Wait" in IE7
LM-44415Field validation error <div> not created on dependent visibility fields
LM-44034German localized Bandaid translation misleading, needs correction
LM-41957Email notification shows wrong count for new leads import
LM-40799Email programs and communication limit confusing messaging

Fixes released for June 2014


Issue Key

Issue Summary

LM-43462Filters showing as Japanese when Language is set as English
LM-43423!JS_Tree prefix getting added to Segment names in the editor
LM-42401Form builder crashing when attempting to update Progressive Profiling settings
LM-42122The Marketing activities New leads chart cuts off before the 31st of the month
LM-41957Email notification shows wrong count for new leads import
LM-41602Emails were sent to an email address that should have been marked email opt-out

Fixes released for May 2014


Issue KeyIssue Summary
LM-41674Visibilty rule options on checkbox gets wiped out if using single checkbox workaround
LM-41612Forms 2.0 - Error using "Not You" link in IE 8 and IE 9
LM-41333Beta Fast import: Foreign characters in email address not accepted
LM-40759Webinar Statuses Syncing With Deleted Program
LM-40397Microsoft Dynamics Instance receiving notification from SFDC
LM-40134Purple screen upon logging in in IE8
LM-38778Auto Suggest for Link Constraint on the Clicks Link in Email Filter Does Not Work for A/B Test Email
LM-38385SFDC Sync Change warning showing up in a Dynamics instance
LM-38289Fail campaign and provide meaningful error message when URL is too long
LM-25572Cannot delete social button app