Keep the "Clear" form button on the same line as the "Submit" button

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Please ensure that you have access to an experienced JavaScript developer.

Marketo Technical Support is not set up to assist with troubleshooting JavaScript.

When I add a form  to my landing page the Submit and Clear buttons look correct when I'm working in the Design Studio editor, but when I preview or approve the landing page, the Clear button moves to a different line.



In your landing page template there are two sections for "fancy button". Since most customers choose not to display the "Clear" button, having both fancy button sections does not  affect a form's appearance on the landing page. If you want to display both the "Submit" and the "Clear" buttons on your landing page on the same line, the you'll need to remove  code from your landing page template.


Steps to edit the landing page template


1. Choose your landing page template in the Design Studio
2. Click Edit Draft
3. Click HTML Source
4. Scroll until you find "<!-- Jquery for fancy things!-->"
5. Highlight and remove the following text from the template


// to make fancy buttons.  Uses noConflict just in case     
var $jQ = jQuery.noConflict();    


// Use jQuery via $j(...)     


$jQ("#mktFrmSubmit").wrap("<div class='buttonSubmit'></div>");       




6. Click Save and Close
7. Click Template Actions
8. Click Approve


This change will affect all of the landing pages that use this template, so you'll need to be consistent with how you display the "Clear" button. After approving the landing page template you'll need to re-approve all of the landing pages that use this landing page template.