Lead Partitions FAQ

Version 2

    Here are some lessons you should know about how leads work with workspaces and lead partitions.


    Leads can belong to only one partition

    A lead can be assigned to only one partition, and that partition is assigned when the lead is created. See this article to learn more about how that partition is assigned: How is a lead's partition assigned?

    How to view a lead's partition

    To view a lead's partition, you can either

    • Add the "Lead Partition" column to your lists in the Lead Database, or
    • View the partition on the lead's detail page

    See this for more: Viewing a lead's partition

    Changing a lead's partition

    If you want to change a lead's partition after it's been set, you need to use a Change Lead Partition flow step. You can use that flow step in a Smart Campaign or as a lead action in the Lead Database.

    See this for more about changing lead partitions: Changing a lead's partition or workspace

    Why can I see a lead in one workspace but not in another?

    A lead is visible in a workspace only if that workspace contains the lead's partition as well. If a lead is in a partition that isn't visible to your workspace, that lead will not be visible in that workspace.

    See this to learn how to add partitions to your workspaces: Workspace Management