Account/Prefix Change FAQ

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The example URLs contained in this article are intentionally non-functioning URLs used strictly for example purposes.

What changes with a string/prefix change?

The string or prefix is an identifier that usually contains the name of the company subscribing to Marketo's services. This string appears in certain URLs including unbranded landing pages and all content stored within the images and files area. Once the string is changed, these content URLs will be updated to reflect the new string.




Unbranded Landing Pages

Before Change:

After Change:


Branded Landing Pages

Before Change:

After Change: no change


Images and Files content (branded or unbranded)

Before Change:

After Change:


For each instance where oldcustomerstring becomes newcustomerstring within the URL, the URL containing oldcustomerstring will display a 404 error after the string change has been completed.


Does Marketo support having both oldcustomerstring and newcustomerstring URLs functional after the move?


No. Only the newcustomerstring URL will function after the move.


Will my email links pointing to Marketo content continue to work after the string change?


Email links that contained the oldcustomerstring URL path will fail to work after the string change. Email content that has already been sent is set in stone and cannot be altered. New emails generated after the string change will work correctly. It is recommended not to send any email campaigns at least 5 days prior to a string change to avoid email content issues.


Will my images and files stored content continue to work for oldcustomerstring URL paths after the move?


No. You and your recipients will see 404 errors for oldcustomerstring URL paths. See below for recommendations. All newcustomerstring content will be served normally.


Will my email unsubscribe links continue to work?




Will my images and files content links work if embedded on my own web page?


No, you will need to update any external sites that contain URLs for unbranded landing pages or image and files to reflect the new URL path. Assuming you need these links to work after the string change has completed, you should plan to make this change to your external pages at the scheduled string change date and time.


I'm not using a custom landing page domain, will landing page URLs continue to work after the string change?


No. Visiting these old links will show a 404 error. If you are planning a string change, you should consider moving to using a custom landing page domain prior to the move to avoid this problem.


I am using a custom landing page domain, will landing page URLs continue to work after the string change?




Can I use the same hostname (i.e., for both my custom landing page domain and for email link tracking?


No. If you are using for email tracking, you will need to choose another name for your custom landing page domain such as or A hostname can only contain one CNAME record in DNS and, therefore, each unique hostname only be used for one service at a time.


I currently have a custom branded landing page domain. We are buying a new domain to replace the old domain. How do I set this up?


Please review our Customize Your Landing Page URLs With a CNAME help article to set up the new CNAME for your new domain.


I need to have both my old and new domains serve content for a period of time, is this possible?


Yes. Please visit our Add additional Landing Page CNAMEs article for how to set this up. Note, while both domains will serve content from the newly updated URL name, the old URL paths will still generate 404 errors.


I'm seeing my account string in the SOAP API User ID field in the Admin area. Will this be updated as part of the string change?


No. We do not update this string as part of the account string change process. If this string must be changed, it will need to be by special request. If the SOAP API is in use and this string changes, any customer software that relies on this User ID information will no longer work after a change to this string. This change must be coordinated with each customer to allow the customer to update all application uses of this string at a separate time from the string change.


I'm seeing my old string in the Community portal when reading help articles. Will this be changed?


No. This string information is changeable through My Profile settings accessible at the top right of each Community page.


Are there any other problems I could run into?


We are not aware of any other issues involving string changes. If you experience any other issues in your instance after a string change, please call or email with the issue you are experiencing