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    Distribute Your Leads Round Robin or Randomly

    Version 4

      Distributing leads to sales reps is easy.  Marketo, however, only supports random distribution.  This gives a pretty good approximation of the round robin technique.



           1. Go to the Smart List tab of the campaign you created, find and drag in the Lead is Created trigger.

      Tip: Use the trigger that logically would come right before you want to assign the lead to a rep.



           2. The Smart List tab should look like this:

      rtaImage (1).png


           3. Go to the Flow tab, find and drag in the Change Owner flow step.

      rtaImage (2).png


           4. If you have 5 lead owners click on the Add Choice button 4 times.

      rtaImage (3).png


           5. Find and select Random Sample.

      rtaImage (4).png


           6. 100% divided by 5 sales reps is 20%, enter "20".

      rtaImage (5).png


           7. Find and select the first sales rep.

      rtaImage (6).png


           8. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 for every remaining choice. Be sure to fill out the default choice also.

      rtaImage (7).png


           9. Go to the Schedule tab, click on Activate.

      rtaImage (8).png

           10. Click Activate to confirm.

      rtaImage (9).png


      Every lead created in Marketo will randomly be assigned to one of 5 sales people you added to the flow.


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