Tagging campaigns

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A tagging campaign is designed to entice your leads to click your emails.  Once they do that, you can track their future web activities.  You can also use it to scrub your mailing lists of leads who don't want to receive your marketing material.

The hardest part is coming up with an offer that encourages them to click your email.

What's in a tagging campaign?

At a high level, you'll need:

  • An email offering a prize for people who click
    • Include a link to unsubscribe people to clean out your DB
  • A thank you landing page for people who click through
  • A smart campaign to send the emails mailing
  • A smart campaign to handle the unsubscribe clicks


As leads click through the email, they get cookied so that all their subsequent web activity is tracked (whether they enter or unsubscribe).  Include the unsubscribe link so you can get uninterested leads off your mailing lists.

The campaign is quick to set up, fun for your recipients, and great for you to identify anonymous leads.

Pick a hook

First, choose an offer that will compel people to click a link in your email.  Some examples of offers that get high click-through rates include:

  • Prize Only
    • Example: "Hi, we are giving away a free iPod.  Click here to enter to win!..."
  • Charitable donation
    • Example: "We'll donate $1 to Habitat for Humanity for each recipient who clicks this link."
  • Cleaning up DB
    • Example: "Hi, we are cleaning up our DB.  If you want to receive updates from us, click here.  Otherwise, click no thanks."  (Either one they click is a cookied customer)


Best Practice: It is more important to have a cookied customer than one who is subscribed to receive marketing emails.

Create the assets

You'll need to create and approve a few Design Studio items to make this work:

  • Email: use the hook you picked in the first step
  • Landing Page: a Thank You page relevant to your offer
    • Prize: "Thank you for entering!" -- you don't even need an entry form!
    • Cleaning up DB: One for, "thanks for your continued support." Another for, "we'll unsubscribe you immediately."

Create the campaign(s)

Pick any segment of your lead database to receive the email.

  • Send Email
    • Smart List: (pick any DB s segment)
    • Flow: Send Email -- [your  email]

You may need some other campaigns to handle your prize and unsubscription clicks.  For example:

  • Prize -- create a static list called "Prize Entries"
    • Smart List: Trigger on "Clicks link in email -- [your email]" constraint on Entry Link
    • Flow: Add to List -- Prize Entries
  • Cleaning up DB
    • Smart List: Trigger on "Clicks link in email -- [your email]" constraint on Unsubscribe Link
    • Flow: Change Data Value: Unsubscribed is True


That's all you need to do in Marketo. A week or two later, if you're giving away a prize, use the Random Sample filter to dig up a lead to receive the prize.