How to remove Munchkin from landing pages

Version 3



    For those who do not want forms to pre-populate and/or track web behavior on a specific page (ie. referral sign-up pages), follow the instructions below to disable the Munchkin tracking JavaScript. Note, forms filled out on a page without Munchkin will not get Fill Out Form activity written to the lead Activity Log.




    • Edit a landing page template
    • Go to the HTML Source tab
    • Find the line: <?php echo $mContext['endElements']; ?>
    • Add the highlighted portions: <!-- <?php echo $mContext['endElements']; ?> -->
    • Re-approve the landing page template and any associated landing pages
    This change only applies to customers with Marketo Versions Released in 2013.


    Please make clear notes for other users that will use this template - this will eliminate confusion on the page tracking behavior.