#KreweChats Episode 4: Nurture Marketing

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Another great episode of #KreweChats in the books!  Our topic this week was Nurture Marketing, what it is, how to think about it towards prospects and clients, as well as some strategies. Guest chatter Brent Levi joined some of the usual characters, Jenn DiMaria, Juli James, Joe Reitz and me.


Nurture Marketing goes way beyond simple drip-nurture marketing.  In this episode we expose the mktgnation to broader concepts and ideas to help in Nurture Marketing your efforts.


Topics we covered in this episode:

  • FUN FACT: Our first cars
  • What is Nurture Marketing
  • How to make messaging relevant and personalized
  • Data points to gather and actions based on them
  • Sales team adoption and reaction to Nurture Marketing
  • Alignment with the overall sales process: Full Funnel approach
  • Nurture models: pre-customer / post-customer, full lifecycle model
  • Brand voice as part of Nurture Marketing



Tune in for our next episode in another two weeks on September 9 at 3:30 ET / 12:30 PT.





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