How to Update Email Address on a Form

Blog Post created by d1cbc4f9310452015b97e1042b691474fb339d80 Employee on Oct 14, 2016

If you are one of many companies that allows leads to manage email preferences via a Preference Center or Subscription Center page, then you have probably wondered why it's not possible for a lead to update their email address on the form.


If you display the email field on the form, and a lead overwrites their email address in this field, a NEW LEAD will be created in Marketo; that's because email address is the unique identifier for Marketo records.


I'm often asked by customers if it's possible for a lead to update their email address via a form.  Well, the short answer is yes...with a simple data management campaign and a custom field.


Before proceeding, you must first ask yourself if there are any ramifications to allowing a person to update their email address.  For example, is email address also used in other systems as a username?  Consider all scenarios before building the following solution.


Here's How to Do It


  1. Create a custom field with the field type of Email.  I named mine:  'Custom_New Email Address'.  You can do this by going to the Admin area, and selecting 'Field Management'.  Note that you must have an Administrative role to create custom fields.
  2. Create one additional custom field with the field type of Boolean.  I named mine 'Custom_General Checkbox'.  This field will be used to toggle the New Email Address field on/off on the form using visibility rules.
  3. Create a Smart Campaign, and name it 'Update Email Address'.
  4. On the Smart List tab, drag in the 'Data Value Changes' trigger, and select your new custom field as the attribute.

  5. On the flow tab, drag in the 'Change Data Value' flow step, and select 'Email Address' as the attribute.
  6. For the 'New Value' field, type in {{lead.MY CUSTOM FIELD NAME}}, replacing MY CUSTOM FIELD NAME with the name of the email field you created.

  7. Next, visit the Schedule tab, and edit the Smart Campaign Settings.
  8. Under 'Run each lead through the campaign flow', choose 'Every time'.

  9. Next, edit the draft of your Preference Center form.
  10. Add your new General Checkbox field to the form.
  11. Delete the label for the General Checkbox field, and change the label width to 0.
  12. Click the + symbol, and add a Rich Text box.
  13. In the Rich Text box, add 'Check here to update your email address'. Save to continue.
  14. Drag the text to the right of the checkbox.
  15. Add your New Email Address field below the checkbox field.
  16. Click on the New Email Address field, and select Enable next to Visibility Rules.

  17. Use these visibility rules:  IF General Checkbox IS YES, Field Label: New Email Address.

  18. Save these rules.
  19. Approve and close your form.
  20. Don't forget to activate your Smart Campaign on the Schedule tab when you are ready.